Our 2023 Events

March 8 & 9: Pansy Wreath Workshop
March 22 & 23: Easter Basket Workshop
September 20 & 21: Autumn Planter Workshop
December 6 & 7: Merry Green Up Weekend
December 13 & 20: Flowerland Under the Lights

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the workshop fee?

The majority of the workshops do not have a set workshop fee. The cost is dependent on what plants, container & extras you use. The one exception is the Pansy Wreath Workshop which has a set fee of $45 or $32 if bringing back a past workshop wreath frame. Flowerland Under the Lights is a free event.

Is registration required?

For all workshops, registration is required. Registration is not needed for Flowerland Under the Lights.

Are groups, garden clubs or kids allowed?

Yes to all! Our workshops are perfect for large groups and kiddos!